GAPS – Day 1, Part 2

GAPS Diet Begins Today!
Part II




It is safe to say, I am no longer excited.  In fact, I suspect I may be dying… well maybe not quite dying, but close to it.


I’m not sure why I thought I’d be able to do anything today but I assumed I could just go in to work and function as normal (well, my abbreviated version of normal anyway).  Wrong!


I am presently hunched over my table where I sip yet another cup of ginger tea.  I am in agony!  My gut clenches, my stomach churns, my head is aching and I can’t decide if I want to eat something or throw up.  Perhaps I was naïve, but I am shocked.  I have gone 2 meals, less than 1 day, without carbohydrates and I’m reacting like I’ve been starved or poisoned!  I tried having a little honey, in case this was sugar withdrawal, but to no avail.  I’ve also just inexplicably gone from a comfortable temperature to freezing cold.  Who knew I was such a carb junkie?  I’ve had carb free meals before and not reacted this way…


Will I survive the day? Not sure I can keep this up, I need to be able to function this week.  Perhaps I was being too extreme to go the whole hog on a Monday.



I’ve just been reading up online about other people who’ve done the GAPS diet, most of them say the intro was extreme and intense and the resulting detoxification of the body die-0ff of parasites made the first week a living Hell.  Many say they now do a “modified” version of GAPS.  Could I do a modified version?  How modified is acceptable?  Is a gluten and dairy free peanut butter cookie an acceptable modification?



So I ate the cookie.  Just one cookie for a whole day of suffering, surely that’s ok?  It’s not like one of those supersized café meal cookies, this was just one tablespoon of batter (yes, I measure my cookie batter).  I’m going to own that decision.



I haven’t eaten anything since the cookie but am still feeling a whole lot better.  I managed to make up a lamb stock in the pressure cooker this arvo and my lamb soup is now on the stove for dinner and things are looking up.



Lamb soup was quite satisfying, although I must confess to another cheat, ahem, “modification”…  my boyfriend’s Chinese beef satay smelled so enticing, I just had to have a nibble.  It was only a little nibble though.  In my quest to be less of a perfectionist (a giveaway symptom of undermethylation!) I will not beat myself up about it.  Tomorrow is a new day.


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