GAPS – Day 2

Well, it’s no picnic, but day 2 was a heck of a lot easier than day 1 (it would be a spectacularly crappy picnic if all you could eat was soup).  I’ve noticed a couple of interesting things…

1.     I am not hungry

I used to be hungry all the time and at my peak of physical fitness, when I was exercising 6 hours a week, even more so (is it possible to hungry more often than always?  Well, I did it!)

Now, I don’t seem to have that constant craving for, I don’t know… just, something… anything!  I do believe it was mostly starch I wanted.  I do love a bit of starch. 

2.   I can function normally on this diet

I went to work today, albeit only for a few hours (I’m lucky to have a very flexible job right now.  Well, not really “lucky” I guess, as if I wasn’t sick I’d have a full time job, but you have to be grateful for what you’ve got, right?)  I did get a bit brain-foggy at one point and I had some very poignant hunger pangs when I drove to the post office without having my afternoon snack first, but it wasn’t so bad that I had to stop what I was doing. 

3.   I am not craving sugar

Sugar and I go way back, she’s kind of a BFF who’s by your side through high school, encouraging your bitchy side and enabling negativity, and it’s only many years later, as you reflect on your youth that you realise she was toxic all along.  A week ago, I would be wanting chocolate, puddings, cakes and desserts at least every night after dinner and usually at morning and afternoon tea time.  For years I resisted, but when I got sick I thought “stuff it, I’m going to eat what I want”.  Did it help?  No.  Did I gain weight?  Oh my, yes! 

4.   I am getting a little bit sick of soup

This was to be expected.  No-one can eat soup for three meals a day and not get tired of it.  After the nausea of day 1, I really thought the unpleasant memories were going to trigger my subconscious mind and the next bowl of soup would catalyse a psychosomatic sickie session but in fact, I’m usually grateful to have my soup because I’m so hungry by mealtime!

5.    I have food envy

Any diet plan will tell you, step 1: get all the non-diet food out of your house so won’t be tempted.  Sadly, my partner does not follow the same diet as me, nor do my colleagues (and chucking out everything not GAPS-kosher from the work fridge would be a little psycho even for me).

Today at lunch when the boys ate hot chips, I literally thought I’d go on some kind of a rampage if I didn’t have some.  I had only just finished eating minutes ago, but that heavenly (or would it be helly?  The Devil is all about being tempting…) smell of deep fried, fatty starch was so alluring I could feel my stomach leaping around in its cage with desperation.

Even worse, I cook all the meals in my house.  My partner runs a small business and spends a lot of time working.  As he is currently the big breadwinner in our household, it’s my part of the deal to do all the cooking.  Previously, this was a labour of love as I adore buying, cooking and eating food and all other food related activities.  Tonight, I would have elbowed my own mother out of the way for a bite of his homemade sausage rolls and I had to stand there and make them!  Torture.

Here’s what I ate today:

Chicken and vegetable soup with a teaspoon of sauerkraut juice

Chicken broth

Lamb and vegetable soup
1 tsp of kefir crème fraiche with a drizzle of honey

1 cup of pumpkin, mashed with chicken broth

Lamb and vegetable soup

So very fatty

(It really freaks me out how fatty this soup is!  When it’s cold, it sets on top in a thick disc of solid fat.  It’s hard to shake all the years of fat demonisation, but without carbs it’s the fat that’s keeping me going, so I’m learning to love it.)

Ginger tea

I have another chicken broth simmering away in the slow cooker.  Mmm, more soup.


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