GAPS – Day 3

Day 3 and it really is getting easier!  Now that I have a fridge full of ready to eat, GAPS-to-go food, it’s simply a matter of grabbing something when it’s meal time.  Willpower can only go so far (maybe they should call it “won’t power”?) so you need to outsmart it.

My fridge is currently stocked with:

  • Chicken, onion, carrot & pumpkin soup
  • Clear chicken broth
  • Lam, leek, carrot, swede & turnip soup
  • Kefir crème fraiche
  • Purple sauerkraut
  • Mashed pumpkin
  • Ginger tea (freezer)


Chicken soup is for breakfast, lamb soup for lunch and dinner, and the broth is for in between.  Unfortunately, I have to work in the afternoons and there is only a microwave there, no stovetop, which means I can’t reheat the broth without destroying it (Dr Campbell-McBride says NO to microwaves!).  I figure that’s the best time to eat my mashed pumpkin as threethirtyitis is a killer and usually demands I eat something sweet anyway.  Once you’ve cut all other sugars out of your diet, you’d be suprised how much pumpkin tastes like candy and it’s so nice to have it ready when I need it.


I’m concerned I’m running out of fermented products though…  Ok, so I haven’t actually even started eating the sauerkraut yet, but I’m supposed to be eating the juices every day and increasing the quantity as I go.  Pretty soon my kraut’s going to run dry!!  I would just make more but thus far my fermentations have been hit and miss.

Of my first attempt at sauerkraut, one jar went mouldy and had to be discarded.  My attempt at kefir-starter pickled vegetables was not much better… it sits on my counter, stinking up a storm.  I hope the smell will go away and it will turn into a delightful vegetable medley, but somehow I suspect that’s unlikely.

Last night I attempted dill pickles and I await fermentation, but I’m not holding my breath (unlike my stinky vegetable medley… whenever I’m near that, I do hold my breath!).

On a positive note, my kefir crème fraiche has been a success.  I simply mixed whole, organic cream with kefir starter and it’s turned out quite lovely.  What a shame I’m dairy intolerant, otherwise I’d just live on kefir and yoghurt!  *sigh*


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