Ginger Tea

Even if I don’t stay on GAPS, I will take this with me.  Ginger tea has long been heralded as having digestive health properties and it has helped me through the nauseous parts of GAPS Stage 1, but more importantly, it’s actually rather tasty!

Dr Campbell-McBride sings the praises of drinking ginger tea in Gut and Psychology Syndrome and recommends drinking it at regularly.  Now, it can’t be any of that store-bought, dried and dessicated, chemically treated, goodness-knows-how-they-make-it-like-that stuff in a tea bag, no sir.  It’s got to be fresh ginger root, chopped and steeped in boiling water and that’s all.

I figured I was going to get pretty sick of chopping ginger root every time I wanted a drink (especially as ginger tea is good for nausea and nobody wants to chop ginger when they feel chucky) so rather than faff about, I tossed 2 large ginger roots in the food processor and blitz the bedickens out of them.  Perfect, except how long would it keep in the fridge?  I wasn’t sure, so I decided to freeze it and that’s when the light bulb came on.  Why not freeze it in individual portions?  And how better to do that than in an ice cube tray?!

A tablespoon is about the right size for 1 cup of tea and as it just so happens, that’s the size of an ice cube.

I filled my tray with ginger and set it in the freezer overnight.  The next day when I wanted a ginger tea, I simply twisted the tray, popped a cube into my tea infuser mug and added hot water.  Hey presto!

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really enjoying all of this boiled baloney, but the ginger tea is a deliciously warming drink, gut problem or not.


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