The Machines You Need to do GAPS

Oh for goodness’ sake… now my stick blender has burnt out too!  I was trying to pulverise some walnuts into a flour and the poor little motor just hiccoughed and stopped.  What is going on around here?  I needed that blender, I really did.


Since the passing of my beloved juicer yesterday and the death of my stick blender tonight, I’ve been forced to face the harsh reality that GAPS without machinery is very difficult.  How on earth did people ever juice vegetables before juicers were invented?  It’s not just my juicer either, it was a super-dooper (supposedly) contraption with a juicer attachment, a blender jug and a food processor bowl.  Now that it is in a state of disrepair, I am practically back in the dark ages as far my culinary abilities and while I could easily manage the loss on a “normal” Western diet, the GAPS diet requires so much food preparation it’s really becoming a struggle without it.  As such, I’ve compiled a list of machines and gadgets that are either necessary, in my humble (and lazy) opinion, or highly desirable if you are going on a GAPS or any other such diet.



You’ll just die without one.  Really.  After slow cooking a huge vat of chicken stock, pouring it through the sieve into yet another pot, then ladling it into hundreds of smaller containers to store for individual portions, the dishes really start to stack up.  I currently do 2 full loads of my dishwasher almost every day and that’s only for 2 people!


Both classic and stick type blenders are invaluable.  After a few days of chunky vegetable soups and mushy boiled vegetables, I guarantee you will be longing for a new texture.  A classic blender is great to pour soups into and blitz into creamy perfection.  A stick blender if perfect for making vegetable purees and in-the-pot blending although, in my experience, the consistency’s never quite as good as the classic blender.  Still, that’s the price of convenience I s’pose.  I imagine you could always buy a whizz-bang model (ironic choice of words, seeing as that’s exactly what my blender did earlier today.  Whizz.  Then, bang!) but I refuse to spend $250 on an item that spends most of its life in my cupboards.

Food processor

This is the king of kitchen appliances.  The food processor can mash, chop, puree and pulverise.  It’s great for chopping onions when you don’t want to get teary, for turning a bunch of basil and olive oil into a divine pesto and for chopping organic meats into chunky home-style mince for when you just can’t for the life of you find organic beef mince and you need meatballs, now!


I always came from the school of thought that gadgets like these were ridiculous and people were just being lazy but my how the tables have turned.  One you get a processor, you never go back.


In my normal life, the juicer was a luxury, an item that only came out on special weekends for a spot of homemade watermelon and pineapple juice as a treat with brunch.  On the GAPS Intro Diet however, juicing is integral for your health.  Juicing vegetables is the only way you’re going to get certain nutrients, the veggies themselves being too fibrous for the damaged gut lining to accommodate.  Sufferers of constipation are encouraged to introduce juicing into their diet even earlier than recommended, to get things moving and, if all that wasn’t enough, fresh juice tastes marvellous!

Slow cooker

There’s just no way I could have done GAPS without my slow cooker.  Even so called “stay at home mums” need to leave the house and the idea of leaving a pot of simmering liquid on the stove while you’re out of the house fills me with dread.  Similarly, with my manic cats running amok at night, leaving the pot to boil overnight is just stupidly dangerous.  The slow cooker means I can toss everything (even frozen meat!) straight on in, fill ‘er up with water, switch it on and go to work.  When I come back, I have delicious, rich flavoured bouillion   Too easy.


I have a slow cooker that also doubles as a pressure cooker and although Dr Natasha does say pressure cookers are naughty as they destroy the food, it has saved my sanity on a couple of occasions when I was making a dish and suddenly realised I’d run out of stock.  The pressure cooker does what the slow cooker can but in only 1 hour.  Gotta’ love that!

Garlic press

Ok, ok, technically not a machine, I know, but without the garlic press you’re going to have a heck of a time chopping all those pungent white bulbs up.  GAPS calls for quite a bit of raw garlic and let me just say, it’s a welcome punch of flavour when you’re so limited in what you can add.



Right-o, off to the shops tomorrow to buy another stick blender!  Let’s see how long this one can survive the cursed place that is my kitchen…




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