Toria’s Nuts!

“Toria’s nuts” says the label on the jar and well may it be correct, but I’m pleased with my efforts today.  I just made me a kilo of activated walnuts and they are yum-a-licious!

So why do we activate nuts on GAPS?  I always thought eating food in its most natural form was the most healthy… turns out I was wrong.  When it comes to nuts, they contain nasty little chemicals in their natural state that can really wreak havoc with a sensitive digestive system.

You see, nuts that are still on the tree don’t want to start sprouting into other nut trees, that would be awkward, so they have a little system.  Each nut contains a chemical, phytic acid, that stops it sprouting which can only be disabled if it gets wet for a prolonged period like, say, if it falls on the ground and then there’s rain.  That’s how we make a plant grow, right?  That’s all very lovely, but a lot of people find that phytic acid really hard to digest and they get all sorts of unpleasant bowel symptoms.

Never had a problem with nuts so you think you shouldn’t care?  Well, you don’t have to, but if you are concerned with how you fuel the luxury vehicle that is your body, listen to this.  Nuts also contain enzyme inhibitors that make it really hard for your body to make protease and trypsin, enzymes essential for digesting your food.  So now it’s not just the nuts giving you the runs, they’re also robbing you of the nutrition you should have had from everything else you ate!

So is the answer give up nuts?  Some pale-lithic lifestyle advocates say yes, but I (and a whole lot of other nutty nut lovers) say heck no.  You just need to soak them!  Here’s what you do:

  1. Get your lovely organic nuts (seasonal, if possible) and toss them in a big bowl.  Dissolve some celtic sea salt on a jug of filtered water and pour over the nuts.  Leave overnight or up to 24 hours.  Dnot be tempted to cram the nuts in a jar before this process as I did… the nuts will swell and expand and get jammed in!
  2. Drain your nuts and spread in single layers on oven trays or in your food dehydrator (if you have one, you lucky duck you!)
  3. Dehydrate your nuts either:
  4. In the oven on the lowest possible setting;
    In the food dehydrator.

Now they are ready to eat and by golly, they are scrumptious!  The texture is crisp on the outside and less dense inside and the bitterness raw nuts usually have is gone, leaving a mellow almost sweet flavour.  You can grind them up into nut-meal or nut butter, both are great for baking, but I like to curb a naughty sugar craving just watch out, they’re so good it’s hard to stop!



  1. Miranda said,

    July 23, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Activated walnuts are the BEST! Your post has reminded me to do a batch. BTW you have a very clean oven…

  2. Betsy Davenport, PhD said,

    August 21, 2012 at 6:10 am

    I have done several kinds of nuts this way, but have found none that do well with soaking that long. In fact, with almonds, I am down to fewer than five hours; other wise they take days to dry and some will be wizened and not delicious. How long do you soak almonds?

    • August 21, 2012 at 9:14 am

      I have to agree with you there about the almonds, Betsy, they don’t seem to need soaking for as long. The walnuts did brilliantly overnight, but the almonds were kind of… I don’t know, squidgy? I think they probably only need a few hours but I need to another test batch to get it right.

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